Happy 2015 (& goodbye 2014)!

Happy 2015!

We are 7 days in & I’m pretty excited about this year!

Last  year had a lot great moments & some rough ones.

Here’s some stats & facts:

  • 2: Fun Runs (the Color Run & a Mud Run)
  • 11: 5k’s (plus a cross country series of 6)
  • 2: 5 miler’s
  • 1: 10k
  • 1: 15K
  • 3: Half Marathons

437 miles total for the year!

Not bad at all!

Honestly, though, what I’m most proud of is not the numbers, but all the work that went into them & the results.  & not just fitness results (because goodness knows I’m still not where I want to be) but the life results.  2014 was really  a foundation year.  I ended the year with so many more great running friends.  Enough of that though, on to 2015!

Plans for 2015:

  • Run 750 miles total for the year (62 per month, 14 per week).  This is about 300 more miles than what I ended up with last year.  However, I feel that it is attainable.  I looked back at my numbers for last year & can definitely see patterns.  I feel like if I have little bit of a smaller goal for the week (14 miles) that I will definitely be able to make it.  It’s enough to be a challenge (considering all the weeks I had 0-3 miles only) but very attainable.
  • Run at least 1 but not necessarily 4 races a month.  Last year it seemed like I was doing a 5k a week towards the end.  It got to be a little tiring toward the end.  I still want to run but not necessarily race that much.
  • PR, especially in the half marathon.  I think that if I work at little harder I could see much better results.
  • Hot Yoga- I have a month unlimited membership for January which will give me a great start but I need to keep it going at least weekly throughout the year.
  • Volunteering & being active in the running community- I started with this year & I think it made all the difference.  I’m on 3 race committees this year & am really excited about them!  I’m enjoying meeting different people & also giving input about the races.  I also think it helps me with my career to know more people & know more about event planning.

I also want to focus on eating better more often (making better choices).  & I will try to update this more often!

Hope 2015 is good to you!


March Run Down

Time for a look back for March!  Highlights (& low points) include:

  • March 8- Judging the Spontaneous portion of Odyssey of the Mind: I participated in OM growing up & have a lot of great memories from it.  Its really fun to be able to give back now & see what young kids can come up with.
  • March 9 – Mission for Maddie: A fitness fundraiser for a local girl.  I chose to go to abs & tabata classes.  Tabata was tons of squats, boy was I hurting the next day!
  • March 14 – car died: definitely a low point for the month.
  • March 17 – New car shopping: annoying that I had to do it, but it was nice to spend the day with my dad
  • March 18 – TCRC meeting: very interesting!  I’m really enjoying being more of a part of the local running community.  It really has been a help & motivator for me.
  • March 20 – Ladies Night at Confluence – I am really loving being a  part of Team Confluence.  Working Ladies Night was really fun, I liked playing greeter.  Also, it was great to see so many familiar faces.
  • March 21 – TCRC dinner:  Very fun to socialize with runners in regular clothes.e
  • March 22 – McKenna 5k: 3rd 5k of the year, wasn’t feeling super great that day (cold), but I managed to still get a PR.  (hopefully I’ll keep getting them). Also had a great time hanging out with the Team.   side note: Because I’m just starting back to running this year (& I kindof don’t even remember old PR’s since they’re so old) I’m just counting starting this year.
  • March 29 – Beginner Run: 2nd Beginner run of the year.  Very excited that these are going to be a planned monthly event, every 2nd Saturday.  Its been great to see new runners getting out there & to hear that we’ve been making a difference.
  • March 30 -Forks XV:  very proud to have finished this race!  This is a very old, very talked about race in our area.  I’m glad to have finally been a part of it.  Super Mega thankful to have found a running buddy who stayed with me the whole way.

Some numbers:

  • 4- races done in 2014 (10 more minimum to go, 2 halfs scheduled as well as various 5k’s & hopefully other distances too)
  • 30- miles run in March, bringing my total for the year to around 100 (need to get going if I really am going to run this year!)
  • 15- pounds lost
  • non scale victories: pants fitting better, knowing I look better to myself, getting comments & congratulations from other people
  • plus many more running friends made

Coming up:

  • April 6- Color Run: Super Excited for this!
  • a few other local 5k’s, not sure which I will run for sure yet
  • 4 weeks left till the Bridge Run- need to stick to my training better this month.  In March, I averaged 3 days a week, when it should have been more like 5.  Hopefully now that the weather’s better & time is running out, I will get the push I need to keep up better.


Running Checkin!

My major goal for this year is to get fit & healthy.  I’m doing that mostly from running.  I’m pretty pleased with how January went, overall.  It was definitely my jumping off point but I know I’ve got awhile to go.

Some highlights:

  • meeting & starting up with Team Confluence – I am loving representing my running store.  We had a really productive & fun first meeting & I’ve already gained a whole handful of new running friends.  Seeing what they’re doing on Facebook really helps motivate me & keep me going.  And they’re even better in person. Applying for the Team was definitely one of my best decisions last fall.
  • beginning the Bridge Run Training Program– Loving this program!  I definitely respond well to having a coach (well really who wouldn’t?).  I like that we have set work outs to do every day, as well as weekly meet ups.  It has really kept me accountable.  I didn’t run much last week & felt super guilty when Coach asked how my week went & I had to say “well I didn’t run much”
  • Races- working on my 14 in 14 goal, I have 2 races done.  I think that’s an excellent start!  Also, I’m pleased to report that I super improved from race to race.  Can’t wait till the next one (but I think that’s not till March)
  • Milege- According to my Run This Year monthly report, I ran 21.52 miles in January.  Not bad, considering I waited until the 12th to actually start running.  & I’ve already beat that this month (about 37.3)!  I’m still not sure if I will actually be able to run this year (1251 miles), but I sure am going to try.  For the record, my Runkeeper app says I’m 3% done. 
  • New Friends- I’m pretty excited that besides my Team Confluence friends, I’ve made several other new running friends. Yay!  I’ve also been participating in #runchat’s on twitter.  They take place at alternating times on Sunday nights.  I love getting to know other runners on twitter & following them helps me stay motivated!

So yes, I would say January was a good running month.  Here’s to February being even better!

Word of the Day Wednesday!


Wow, have I missed Toastmasters! I haven’t been able to make a meeting for several months due to my change in schedule. Luckily, I was able to go to the meeting today, since the college is still on break.  I heard 2 really great speeches & had a great time.

  •  The word of the day today was cogitate, meaning to think hard, ponder, meditate.  The word was bit new to me, but I recognized it from its Latin root.  I was able to work it into my remarks, which is always a triumph.

My role at the meeting was Table Topics master.  My duty was to lead a session of impromptu speaking by posing questions to the members.  I’ve always really enjoyed Table Topics, even though I don’t always like being put on the spot.  I think Table Topics has helped me a great deal, maybe even the most helpful segment of Toastmasters.  I don’t actually give many prepared speeches in my line of work, but I think Table Topics has prepared me well for speaking with other people & given me the ability to be more confident when doing so.  The meeting today happened to be the first meeting of the year, so I asked a somewhat predictable question of “Did you make any resolutions & what are they.”  Member Kristy answered, saying that she did not make resolutions, because she likes to live day to day but she does have some areas in her life she would like to do more with.  Next, I talked about recent attention our city has been getting because the Cake Boss came to our area,  as well as the show American Pickers.  My prompt to the speaker was, “Tell us about a celebrity encounter you experienced.”  Visitor Rhonda looked excited to speak, so I called upon her.  She told a story about a time she met a famous physicist who she was one of her idols.  My next prompt followed the same theme & asked, “What do you love about Binghamton or where would you rather live?”  Club President Elizabeth spoke about all the different & interesting birds she gets in her yard.

Overall, I had a really enjoyable Toastmasters meeting.  I learned about the word cogitate & hope to use in conversation in the future.


Running Plans for 2014

My biggest goal & focus for this year is getting healthier & more fit.  Running has always been my exercise of choice, even though haven’t always been regular at it.  This year I have plans that I will be able to stick which will help me become a better runner.  They are as follows:

  • Team Confluence– In November of last year (just a few months ago) I applied to be a member of my local running store’s promotional team, Team Confluence.  I didn’t really think I would get selected to be on it, but I thought I’d try anyway.  I did actually get selected to be a part of the team, which I’m really excited about.  We had our first meeting on Sunday & I’m super excited about this team.  We have such cool plans for running support in our community.
  • Binghamton Bridge Run– My local half marathon, my main running goal for this year.  This will be the 3rd year the city has had the half marathon.  I was never able to run it before due to work & overall not being ready to commit to it.  This year I am really excited to be able to run it. I’m even participating in a training plan with Confluence Running.  The support will be a big help to me with the training.   This is the biggest race that I’ve committed to so far this year & it is in May.

I’m slightly concerned about hitting a running wall after the Bridge Run because that is what happened after I ran my marathon in 2009.  This time will be different, though because I will schedule more big races after that (I just haven’t decided what they are yet).  In the meantime, I have 2 more year long goals that I’ve committed to:

  • 14 in 14– I found this nifty little challenge via twitter.  The goal is as simple as it looks, run 14 races in 2014.   This should be an easy one, there is pretty much at least a 5k every week in my area.


  • Run this year– I found this challenge on twitter, also.  To complete this one, you can run the year in miles (2014 miles) or kilometers (2014 km = 1251.4 miles).  I was a little daunted by the miles challenge, so I am pledging to run the year in kms.  It looks like it will end up being around 24 miles a week.

run this year

With these 2 extra challenges, I feel like am in going to be in a good position to keep my running goals for the year.

2014 Resolutions (aka getting my sh*t together)

After I made my list of things I wanted to do this year, I looked it over & was noted that all of the goals fell into 3 different categories: health, accountability & financial fitness.

My biggest area of focus was health.  Here are my goals & methods to get healthier in 2014:

  • Running Challenges
  • Drink at least 6  glasses of water a day
  • Go to Exercise classes 1-2 times a week
  • Track meals & exercise (I use the myfitnesspal app)
  • Cook meals for Mike & I at least twice a week
  • Bring & eat breakfast on the way to work at least 3 times a week
  • Drink at least 1 cup of green tea daily
  • Try to cut out carbonated beverages/drink sparingly

My next resolution is to be more accountable.  To do this, I pledge to:

  • reply to snail mail within 2  weeks
  • blog at least 2 times a week
  • finish 4 fmsphotoaday or other challenges
  • keep up better on the household chores
  • be more punctual

My other resolution, to be more financially fit, is one that I’ve been working toward for a few years now.  I might be a little bit too optimistic, but I think this could be the year that I become debt-free.  I also have virtually no savings.  To remedy this:

  • I plan on using the snowball approach, where I take out the bills one at a time.  With my new position, I get paid the same amount every week, so I can plan accordingly.
  • I also plan on following the 52 week money savings challenge, but in reverse.


Hello 2014!

A big welcome & hello to 2014!  I, for one, am sure glad you’re here!  2013 was ok & certainly interesting for me.  It held a lot of sadness, but that sadness turned into a big change & set up for the future.  All in all, I am excited for a new fresh start with 2014, however, & I’m excited to see what’s next.