Mailbox Monday!

Here’s the happy mail I got last week:

Mail Received last week
Mail Received last week
  • A letter & postcard from Rosie in Australia (we’ve been exchanging since lettermo)
  • A reply from Jessica in Louisiana (another lettermo participant)
  • A beautiful cat postcard from Finland (via Postcrossing)
Cat postcard from Finland
Cat postcard from Finland
  • A Parisian landmark postcard (via Postcrossing)
Paris card from Postcrossing
Paris card from Postcrossing
lovenotes project
lovenotes project
from Ann
from Ann

& last but certainly not least, my IGGPPC street team postcards!

IGGPPC Street Team Goods!
IGGPPC Street Team Goods!

Yes, I have a very happy mailbox!

& of course I’m passing on the mailbox happiness!  So far I have going out:

  • Replies to Ann, Elizabeth, Jess, & Rift

To be done this week:

  • the rest of my replies
  • A Random Postcard Swap (via Swap-Bot)
  • a Pink Envelope Swap (via Swap-Bot)
  • a Hello Kitty sticker Swap (via Swap-Bot)
  • more Postcrossing (I can send 5, we will see how many I get out this week)
  • a project from the Postcrossing forum
  • promised letters to IGGPPC ladies: Kristy, Emy, Dee-Ann & Nancy
  • promised letters to some bloggy, tweety friends: PigeonPost & Anne at the LoveLetterBlog (by the way, I’m collaborating with these ladies to make a Stationery Week in the US (why should the UK get all the fun?)

That looks like a lot of mail, but I should be sending everything out by the end of this week!


Thankful Thursday!

Today has been a really lazy day & I’m thankful for that. The next 3 days will be crazy busy at work. I get the bulk of my hours just in the weekend & they can be very stressful. I do feel a little neglectful, though. I spent the entire day indulging in fun things. My Tivo is clear of all the shows I’ve been meaning to watch, my blog is updated, I have started on bloglovin & followed a bunch of fun gals. I’ll be doing some letters, too. & I feel like I’m a little bit more organized about who I’m going to be sending to in the nearest future. So I guess overall, I will just say that today I am grateful for a little bit of quiet & relaxation.

Twitter Tuesday!

I really love Twitter.  I will admit that I was a little bit late to the party.  I’ve had an account for a little over a year now.  At first, I only joined to have a little bit more anonymity than Facebook allows.  Not to say that Facebook doesn’t allow anonymity, its just that it is filled with co-workers, employees, & family members.  & I’m not trying to hide things per se, I just wanted another outlet.  Anyway, I’ve slowly become more & more active on Twitter & now I really love it (I have 2 accounts!) .  

3 great things have come to me from Twitter in just the last 2 days. 

  • IGGPPC love – I feel like I keep bringing them up &, well I do. Its just that they’re just so great.  A lot of great unconditional love is shown between the girls on twitter
  • A new, great partnership.  All from an innocent, playful tweet.  I was wondering if the US has a National Stationery Week, like the UK does (which is happening this week).  I got 2 replies, saying “no, but let’s make it happen.”  I’m really exciting about this new project.  I’ve never really done something like this but I believe we can make it happen!
  • A Twitter Party with More Love Letters.  This is another group that I talk about all the time.  I just think they’re the best.  We had a big tweet-chat party tonight.  It was such a fun, positive & up-lifting 2 hours.  A huge group of people talking about spreading kindness.  How awesome is that?  They are calling this week “Love Letter Your Community” week (#LLYC) & partnered with KIND bars. Truly a great time. 

So there’s just 3 reasons why I love twitter.  I’ll still use Facebook, but its just a different sort of social media.

Mail Call Monday!

Here’s the mail I got last week:

mail 4-22

  • A reply letter from Jess from the lettermo forum.  I had sent her a birthday card earlier this month.  She used really simple but really cute stationery that I adore. I’m excited to have a new friend
  • A letter from Elizabeth as part of a swap about the show, the Voice, through Swap-Bot.  She wrote a little blurb about all the contestants this year.  I really liked how detailed she was & I’m feeling very excited & inspired to write mine (which I will do tomorrow).
  • A postcard from the Netherlands from Postcrossing.  I loved the tulips on this one.  & I also really liked that it was it was from a 4 year old.  I like seeing that kids are doing these with their parents.
  • A postcard from Poland from Postcrossing.  Beautiful mountain scene.

Beginning (or Thoughtful/Thankful Thursday #1?)

I have been kicking around the idea of a blog for awhile now (at least a few months or so).  I follow a lot of great bloggers on twitter & I really enjoy reading their tweets and interacting with some of them.  I think joining the IGGPPC really is what gave me the push I needed.  So I decided to just go for it (blogging is just tweeting but longer, right?).

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve been so excited & so inspired.  I have lots of ideas running around in my head.  I guess this post is me trying to work out my plans.

  • I know that sometimes I get really excited about things & over commit. I’m trying to remedy that here.  I thought that assigning topics for certain days might help with that.  So far I’ve come up with: Mail Call Monday, TV Tuesday, Thankful (or Thoughtful, I can’t quite decide yet) Thursday & maybe Favorite Friday (Friday is harder to commit to though, because of my work schedule).  I think I will start these next week.  sidenote: It strikes me as ironic that I started this blog on a Tuesday; usually I have to start all new things on a Monday
  • I also like the idea of all those 30 day challenges, so I might do some & write about them here.  One of my favorites is the fat mum slim photo .  I started doing them in February, but I haven’t been able to complete one yet.  Gonna keep trying though!
  • I have struggled with punctuality my entire life.  I’m not even exaggerating!  I got a few lunch detentions in middle school & probably high school because of tardies.  My late boss was fairly flexible about this & never seemed to mind if I was a few minutes late (I usually run about 10 to 20 minutes late).  But yet another consequence of his passing is stricter rule following all around.  I really need to remedy this problem.  I hope if I write about it here, I’ll be held even more accountable.  One of the blogs I follow, the Money Saving Mom    had a 3 week program about making mornings better.  I think that I will try to follow it now.
  • The IGGPPC will probably get their own post later down the road, but I’m feeling so excited about them right now that I’ve gotta say some things about them!  Honestly, when I heard about it, I kindof just signed up because it was about pen pals & mail.  I do love my mail.  Since becoming a part of the party, life has been way more fun!  This is a group of the most creative, kind & fun girls around the world, for sure.  & I really love that one of the founders is only an hour away from me.  Local girls making a worldwide impact.  So awesome!  Anyway, I’m really excited about all the side projects coming from this group, be it the group-wide geek girl notebook, the house GLaDOS traveling notebook, the goodreads groups (yep, there’s one for the group & one for the house, too!), or the group blog (hogwartsgirls), its all so exciting & fun!  I’m just so thankful to be a part of it!
  • I honestly don’t really like to say much about current events.  I have my opinions & you have yours.  I know that you’re not likely to change your mind based on what I say.  But I have to talk about Boston.  The event hit me really hard emotionally.  I’ve been fairly emotional since John’s passing in general.  & that will probably be its own post sometime, too.  So far I’ve just been in the “we miss him & we’re sad all the time but where do we go from here” stage.  I don’t even ask the questions like how & why.  I think those might hit me later but right now I still just miss someone who was my friend & extended family & mentor. Boston makes me ask those questions.  My Team in Training coach, Harland, was there.  He’s ok but I was upset for him.  I am a runner.  I know I’ve said on here that I’m not really a runner anymore because I don’t do it, but I will always be a runner & my heart is just so sad for the entire running community.  Of all the groups to target, you go after runners, really?  These are the most kind hearted, determined athletes, people around.  & speaking of kindhearted, my heart has been happy with all the support that’s been given to Boston. This response from Mr. Rogers’ mother about scary things in the news has been floating around a lot & its become one of my favorites : “Look for the helpers.  You will always find people helping. ”   I hope to always be one of those helpers.
  • Ok, one decision made!  Thankful Thursday HAS to happen!  I guess it can be Thoughtful sometimes too, but always Thankful!

So today’s Thankful Thursday is:

I am thankful for connections, new & old.  I started this post talking about my new IGGPPC connections.  I am so thankful for them.  I ended this post talking about my connections within my work family.  I am so so so completely thankful for them.  The last five years have changed my life & helped me grow so much.  & now their support (of me & each other) is helping get through a terrible & difficult time.

update: OMG!  I am extra thankful for wordpress’ saved revision area!  I almost lost this whole post!  I’m such a newbie!!

Mail Going Out!

I tend to do my mail writing in spurts.  Its easier for me to devote an evening or a few hours just to writing.  It also works best with my schedule because I work such random days.

So going out tomorrow I have:

  • A first letter going out to my self assigned #IGGPPC pen pal for round 2.  Neither of us were able to get into the first 2 rounds but we met on twitter & decided to send letters to each other.  She already sent me a letter that I got yesterday.  It was one of my favorites I’ve gotten so far.  I liked that I could definitely see her personality in it.  I also liked the origami & the doodles.
  • A postcard that resulted from a direct swap request (she wanted a state map) on the Postcrossing forum.  Cristina had sent me a beautiful picture of fireworks & I’m sending her back one of the NY with drawings on it.
  • A response to a thank you card.  I know you don’t really need to send responses back to thank yous, but I really wanted to re-connect with Kimmie.  She had requested birthday cards for her niece via the lettermo forum (which I sent).  I really liked that she had requested for her niece & that she sent a thank you so I made sure to send a card back to her.
  • A postcard as part of the Goodreads Postcard Exchange group.  We have exchanges monthly there, each with a different theme.  The theme this month was quotes.  Since yesterday’s incident in Boston, this quote from Mr. Rogers’ mother has been all over Facebook. “Look for the helpers.  You will always find people who are helping.”  Good words
  • A reply to Ann from  We’ve gone back & forth a few times & she always sends me little extra goodies like cards or paperclips.  Its really sweet.  In the last letter, she was telling me about her daughter who has Aspbergers’ syndrome & is bipolar.  She takes her to a group but it is an hour and a half from their home.
  • A Postcross to Ulrich in Germany.  According to his bio, he is a vocational teacher who has never been out of Europe.  I sent him a New York state map card (I feel like there are only so many nice local cards out there, so I end up repeating(
  • Birthday cards: 4 to people in the Swap-Bot group, Cards, Cards, Cards! & 3 to lettermo forum people


12 pieces of mail total

6 within the US (IL, CA, TX, NY, & MI x2)

6 international (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, &  the Philippines)