Mail Going Out!

I tend to do my mail writing in spurts.  Its easier for me to devote an evening or a few hours just to writing.  It also works best with my schedule because I work such random days.

So going out tomorrow I have:

  • A first letter going out to my self assigned #IGGPPC pen pal for round 2.  Neither of us were able to get into the first 2 rounds but we met on twitter & decided to send letters to each other.  She already sent me a letter that I got yesterday.  It was one of my favorites I’ve gotten so far.  I liked that I could definitely see her personality in it.  I also liked the origami & the doodles.
  • A postcard that resulted from a direct swap request (she wanted a state map) on the Postcrossing forum.  Cristina had sent me a beautiful picture of fireworks & I’m sending her back one of the NY with drawings on it.
  • A response to a thank you card.  I know you don’t really need to send responses back to thank yous, but I really wanted to re-connect with Kimmie.  She had requested birthday cards for her niece via the lettermo forum (which I sent).  I really liked that she had requested for her niece & that she sent a thank you so I made sure to send a card back to her.
  • A postcard as part of the Goodreads Postcard Exchange group.  We have exchanges monthly there, each with a different theme.  The theme this month was quotes.  Since yesterday’s incident in Boston, this quote from Mr. Rogers’ mother has been all over Facebook. “Look for the helpers.  You will always find people who are helping.”  Good words
  • A reply to Ann from  We’ve gone back & forth a few times & she always sends me little extra goodies like cards or paperclips.  Its really sweet.  In the last letter, she was telling me about her daughter who has Aspbergers’ syndrome & is bipolar.  She takes her to a group but it is an hour and a half from their home.
  • A Postcross to Ulrich in Germany.  According to his bio, he is a vocational teacher who has never been out of Europe.  I sent him a New York state map card (I feel like there are only so many nice local cards out there, so I end up repeating(
  • Birthday cards: 4 to people in the Swap-Bot group, Cards, Cards, Cards! & 3 to lettermo forum people


12 pieces of mail total

6 within the US (IL, CA, TX, NY, & MI x2)

6 international (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, &  the Philippines)


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