Tuesday Thoughts

I’ve been in a little bit of a funk lately.  My work life has really calmed down (to the point to which I’m off a lot more than I’m working).  On one hand, its nice to not have a lot to do & be running everywhere, but on the other hand, I’d much rather be busy.  I am worried about becoming stagnant & depressed. 

So today I decided to take some action! 

I’ve been working on cleaning & organizing my living space, but its an ongoing battle.  I recently rearranged my Pinterest boards (& its kindof amazing how having organized boards make me feel like my life is a bit better organized).  I feel like I can actually use it effectively now & that will make life a lot better. 

I signed up for some volunteer opportunities.  I’m also kind of looking for another job (at least part time) but volunteering will get me more active.  I actually came across a great site to help find places to volunteer.  I signed up to volunteer at a local hospital & the local chapter of the Red Cross.  I’m also thinking about working with Meals on Wheels & the local free clinic.  I worry about over-commiting myself, but I think that working with so many varied organizations will be great for me in the long run.  Also these are the types of places I’d love to work at. 

Along with volunteering, I have some other goals that I’m trying to accomplish in the next few months (by the beginning of hockey season in October).  My long term goal at this time (depending on how the changes at my current job go) is to have a new, secure job by the end of 2014.

Here are my short term goals:

  • Spread happiness through acts of kindness
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Cleaning & organizing my living space (actually do some of the things from Pinterest, get the freezer stocked with freezer meals for the fall, keep up on things)
  • Scrapbooking
  • Continue to send & receive mail, & get more creative with the mail I send out



Mail Call Monday (End of May Catch Up)

May Mail

I’ve been really neglectful about my mail lately.  I’ve gotten really great stuff but I haven’t been sending anything out.  I plan to change that this week.  & I just noticed that I hadn’t even posted a Mailbox Monday segment all month!  So here’s close to everything I’ve gotten this month, I’ll update with what I send out soon.  & promise to be much better about posting in the future.

Here’s basically all the happy mail I got in May.  Captions are posted underneath the pictures.  I hope you enjoy seeing them!


So, I follow a lot of snail mail blogs now & I got this card in the mail after replying to something on tumblr.


This is from Russia via Postcrossing.  One of my favorite city scapes I’ve gotten.


These are the stamps that came on the card.  Pretty cool, I think.


I got this card from Kaelene in the IGGPPC, as part of a candy swap.  Very cute.


These cards are from Tara in my Postcircle.  #teamrobin for the win!


My friend Jessie sent me this metal postcard from Hawaii!  Metal!  How awesome is that??  & yes, she calls me Bridget Jones 🙂


These are stamps from the UK that were on mail from a swap-bot swap.


This is also from swap-bot.  Such cute cards came with it.


I got this card from the Postmuse.  It was unexpected mail, which is always welcome.  Apparently I had put my address in her Postable.


This is a funny card from Ann in Texas.  She & I have been pen palling since she wrote from sendsomething.

IMG_0739 IMG_0740 IMG_0741

The 3 above were from my first “unofficial” pen pal from the IGGPPC., Emily.  She always has really cute stickers.  My favorite is the “H is for Happy” sticker.


I’m a little jealous that England gets to have Jane Austen stamps.  This one came on the envelope of a card from Eunice.  I sent her a birthday card as part of lettermo.  (side note, she says that she has 55 letters to answer!  glad I don’t have that many, but I still feel really guilty about being so late on my replies!).


Danica from IGGPPC made me this.  I love it!

IMG_0746 IMG_0748

These 2 pictures are of the letter I got from Emma in my Postcircle.  I really love the quote that was on the back of the envelope.  One of my favorites.


These 2 pictures are of the letter that came from my first official IGGPPC pen pal, Veronica.   I really love how she wrote my name!


These are pictures of my latest letter from Tegan in Australia.  We’ve exchanged a few letters as part of lettermo.


My letter from Jo in my Postcircle.  Love the things that she added in.  That Postcircle fabric square is so awesome!


Lastly, but certainly not least, I have an awesome package from Dee-Ann with the IGGPPC.  Can’t wait to try out all the Aussie stuff!

I am so grateful & so in awe at the creativity & thoughtfulness of my snail mail friends!  Love it!

Thoughtful Tuesday

Today has been a weird day. My day started with my boss calling to make sure I would be in (of course I would!) & telling me that one of our employees had passed away.  Someone in his 30’s.  Its really crazy.  & its hard for me to deal with quite honestly.  Since October I’ve been to 3 funerals.  The one that’s hit me the hardest was my boss John.  He was a great mentor to me, looked out for me & overall gave me security in a somewhat insecure job.  Not only am I sad & upset about him but everything at my job is different.  & my job is not just a job to me.  It is definitely a family.  But so not the same anymore.  Plus my job is somewhat seasonal (hockey season) & I’m hourly so I really worry about money lately.    But I think I did have a stroke of serendipity (maybe that’s the right word; it seems like it should be).  I was at work & all worried about everything & then I came home to a milege check.  The check was actually really overdue (like 6 months!)  but it came at just the right time.  I felt a little bit better.  I spent sometime catching up on my Tivo’ed shows & once again Jeff Probst  helped me by showing me some positive & inspiring stories (I really wish his show didn’t get cancelled).  Then I got some upsetting news from a friend.  Its just these kinds of things that make me question the world.  I try to seek & share happiness wherever I can but I get a little disheartened sometimes. 

Hello There! (Yes I’m still around)

So I started this month with the ambitious idea of writing a blog post a day as part of a blog every day in May challenge. I think I did 2 days & its now been 10 days since I’ve blogged at all! Funny how that works…
But to be fair to myself, I must say that I had gotten those few posts in during the weekday & had planned on changing the challenge to blog every Week day in May. & then I ended up working an hour away all the next week. I always think that if I just had a job with more of a routine, then more areas of my life would be in order (not that they’re very out of order but you see what I’m saying). & I think that there is some truth in that. None of my weeks are the same due to my job (& that’s mostly something I like). But it does make some parts of life a little extra difficult. I think that I will have a set schedule & routine for the next few weeks (maybe all of June & July). I will be working 6am to about 2pm every week day & have weekends off, really an ideal schedule. I hope that is the case (not just cause I want to be able to predict my income). & if I have that schedule, I think that I’ll be able to catch up & (dare I say it?) get ahead with some things. I’ll keep you posted!

Thankful Thursday!

I am tired this week.  I’ve worked a lot in the past 2 weeks.  I am thankful to be working, though.  Not just because I’m fortunate, when so many others aren’t, but also because I have a somewhat seasonal job. People in my company have taken notice of me & are giving me opportunities, which I am thankful for.   I’m very optimistic about my future at my company. 

Blog Every Day in May: Day 2

Day 2: Educate us on something you know a lot about

In February, serendipity led me to the World Needs More Love Letters. This program is led by the lovely Hannah Brencher & is all about spreading kindness through love letters to strangers. This has changed my life.

Handwritten notes are awesome for so many reasons. They can be shared & kept forever. They can show the reader how much they are loved, not just by the words written, but also by showing that someone took the time to write them.
I highly encourage everyone to go out & write some love letters to strangers! It’s fun & you could change someone’s life!

Again, I invite you to follow along with me as I take part in this blog everyday in May challenge!



Thankful Thursday!

Today (& yesterday especially) I am thankful for my boyfriend.

We’ve known each other for almost 6 years, but we’ve been dating for almost 1.  I am so glad that he kept coming around & asking me out.  & I’m so glad that I finally said yes. I’ve had a couple rough patches this year (3 big deaths) & he was there for me for all of them.  I love having such a calming, stable prescede in my life.  & I love him.

We didn’t see each other much  yesterday because we were working such different hours, but look at what I came home to:

Card & ChocolateCard

He had left a note & chocolate for me just because.  He really is great at finding the best cards.