Word of the Day Wednesday!


At Toastmasters, one of the roles that we have is that of WAG master.  WAG  stands for word of the day, ah counter, & grammarian.  Some clubs break this job into 3 different roles, but as our club is on the small side, we have lumped them all together.  The WAG master is responsible for coming up with a word of the day (which everyone then tries to use throughout the meeting), counting ums, ahs, “like, you knows” & other such filler words that tend to make us sound less intelligent than we really are, & also keeping track of times we don’t use proper grammar.

Today’s word of the day at Toastmasters was “colloquialism,” meaning: a word that is not a proper part of the language, but acceptable due to common use.  An example given was “ain’t.” A favorite colloquialism of mine is “ya’ll.”  Being from the North, I don’t actually hear it spoken very often (unless we are trying to imitate Southerners), so I always kindof enjoy hearing it seeing it in print.  My pen pal Ann from Texas recently used ya’ll, asking “Do ya’ll have a Tuesday Morning store up there?”  We do not, & from what she was telling me, I wish we did!  Some other colloquialisms listed on a writing tips site include: conniption, reckon, ornery, ruckus, yonder & spell (as in “sit a spell”).

So, from tonight’s meeting, & from a little bit of research, I learned more about the word “colloquialism” & used it 4 times.


3 thoughts on “Word of the Day Wednesday!

  1. I haven’t heard that word – colloquialism – in a long time. But then again, it’s not so much ‘heard’ as it is ‘used.’ Thanks for the instant lesson!

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