Hello There! (Yes I’m still around)

So I started this month with the ambitious idea of writing a blog post a day as part of a blog every day in May challenge. I think I did 2 days & its now been 10 days since I’ve blogged at all! Funny how that works…
But to be fair to myself, I must say that I had gotten those few posts in during the weekday & had planned on changing the challenge to blog every Week day in May. & then I ended up working an hour away all the next week. I always think that if I just had a job with more of a routine, then more areas of my life would be in order (not that they’re very out of order but you see what I’m saying). & I think that there is some truth in that. None of my weeks are the same due to my job (& that’s mostly something I like). But it does make some parts of life a little extra difficult. I think that I will have a set schedule & routine for the next few weeks (maybe all of June & July). I will be working 6am to about 2pm every week day & have weekends off, really an ideal schedule. I hope that is the case (not just cause I want to be able to predict my income). & if I have that schedule, I think that I’ll be able to catch up & (dare I say it?) get ahead with some things. I’ll keep you posted!


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