Thoughtful Tuesday

Today has been a weird day. My day started with my boss calling to make sure I would be in (of course I would!) & telling me that one of our employees had passed away.  Someone in his 30’s.  Its really crazy.  & its hard for me to deal with quite honestly.  Since October I’ve been to 3 funerals.  The one that’s hit me the hardest was my boss John.  He was a great mentor to me, looked out for me & overall gave me security in a somewhat insecure job.  Not only am I sad & upset about him but everything at my job is different.  & my job is not just a job to me.  It is definitely a family.  But so not the same anymore.  Plus my job is somewhat seasonal (hockey season) & I’m hourly so I really worry about money lately.    But I think I did have a stroke of serendipity (maybe that’s the right word; it seems like it should be).  I was at work & all worried about everything & then I came home to a milege check.  The check was actually really overdue (like 6 months!)  but it came at just the right time.  I felt a little bit better.  I spent sometime catching up on my Tivo’ed shows & once again Jeff Probst  helped me by showing me some positive & inspiring stories (I really wish his show didn’t get cancelled).  Then I got some upsetting news from a friend.  Its just these kinds of things that make me question the world.  I try to seek & share happiness wherever I can but I get a little disheartened sometimes. 


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