Mail Call Monday (End of May Catch Up)

May Mail

I’ve been really neglectful about my mail lately.  I’ve gotten really great stuff but I haven’t been sending anything out.  I plan to change that this week.  & I just noticed that I hadn’t even posted a Mailbox Monday segment all month!  So here’s close to everything I’ve gotten this month, I’ll update with what I send out soon.  & promise to be much better about posting in the future.

Here’s basically all the happy mail I got in May.  Captions are posted underneath the pictures.  I hope you enjoy seeing them!


So, I follow a lot of snail mail blogs now & I got this card in the mail after replying to something on tumblr.


This is from Russia via Postcrossing.  One of my favorite city scapes I’ve gotten.


These are the stamps that came on the card.  Pretty cool, I think.


I got this card from Kaelene in the IGGPPC, as part of a candy swap.  Very cute.


These cards are from Tara in my Postcircle.  #teamrobin for the win!


My friend Jessie sent me this metal postcard from Hawaii!  Metal!  How awesome is that??  & yes, she calls me Bridget Jones 🙂


These are stamps from the UK that were on mail from a swap-bot swap.


This is also from swap-bot.  Such cute cards came with it.


I got this card from the Postmuse.  It was unexpected mail, which is always welcome.  Apparently I had put my address in her Postable.


This is a funny card from Ann in Texas.  She & I have been pen palling since she wrote from sendsomething.

IMG_0739 IMG_0740 IMG_0741

The 3 above were from my first “unofficial” pen pal from the IGGPPC., Emily.  She always has really cute stickers.  My favorite is the “H is for Happy” sticker.


I’m a little jealous that England gets to have Jane Austen stamps.  This one came on the envelope of a card from Eunice.  I sent her a birthday card as part of lettermo.  (side note, she says that she has 55 letters to answer!  glad I don’t have that many, but I still feel really guilty about being so late on my replies!).


Danica from IGGPPC made me this.  I love it!

IMG_0746 IMG_0748

These 2 pictures are of the letter I got from Emma in my Postcircle.  I really love the quote that was on the back of the envelope.  One of my favorites.


These 2 pictures are of the letter that came from my first official IGGPPC pen pal, Veronica.   I really love how she wrote my name!


These are pictures of my latest letter from Tegan in Australia.  We’ve exchanged a few letters as part of lettermo.


My letter from Jo in my Postcircle.  Love the things that she added in.  That Postcircle fabric square is so awesome!


Lastly, but certainly not least, I have an awesome package from Dee-Ann with the IGGPPC.  Can’t wait to try out all the Aussie stuff!

I am so grateful & so in awe at the creativity & thoughtfulness of my snail mail friends!  Love it!


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