Find Your Voice Summer Workshop!

Find Your Voice


The last few months & this summer are all about me trying new, fun things.  I’m trying to take on different challenges, & just be more active in general.  I’m particularly excited about the Find Your Voice workshop at  It is a free eight week class that is all about embracing, finding and practicing with your storytelling voice.  I’m excited to increase some writing skills, start scrapbooking, & see everything else the community is going to be doing.  I will be sharing on mainly  on twitter (using my main account @helenleeeee), instagram (helenleeeee).  You can follow along using the hashtag, #findyourvoice and in the comments at  If you’re interested in joining in, you can also join the facebook group.  Don’t forget to share the excitement with all your friends!


Word of the Day Wednesday!

It really behooves me to tell you about today’s word of the day.  As you may have guessed, it is behoove.  According to, behoove means,  to be necessary, proper, or advantageous for. 

At Toastmasters, one of the objectives of the word of the day (besides expanding our vocabulary) is to use it throughout the meeting.  I always find it a major triumph when I can work it in!  Often enough, I get excited to use it when the word is first introduced, but then when its my turn to speak, I forget it.  Anyway, I did manage to use behoove today (twice even!).  My role today was that of evaluator & I said that, “as an evaluator, it behooves me to critique your speech. ”  I found some other good uses of behoove in the comments on the dictionary site.  Here’s one from a user called Advanced course English Words, Slang and expressions: “under the bad circumstances it behooves all of us to stay calm.”  (that was one of my favorites because it reminds me of the “keep calm & carry on” posters).  Another user, Shane Bales, said that, “it behooved me to look it up,” which gave me a little chuckle.

I’m glad I was reminded about the word behoove this week & hope to use it more often.

Word of the Day Wednesday!


The word of the day at Toastmasters today was copious, meaning abundant in supply or quantity.  Synonyms are abundant, plentiful, profuse, ample, rich, & generous.  It was really great that this word was chosen today because I gave my third speech.  I talked about letters & happy mail for just over seven minutes.  It was a fun speech to give & a really easy topic to talk about.  I should have been able to use “copious” several times in my speech, but I got nervous & forgot.  Something to keep in mind for next time.  

Happy June!

I love when new months start.  I love a clean slate!  I also love the promise of possibility!  I always get very ambitious at the start of a month, too.  I look for challenges to do to enrich my life.  I want to amp up my fitness, fuel my creativity & just have fun.  So far, however, I haven’t been able to finish one.  I would really like to finish one!  But I think I need to be a little bit more realistic.  I think, for example, this month I will have to take the weekends as off days for the challenges.  Let’s see if by planning on doing this way, I have more luck.

So here are the challenges I’m planning on doing this month:

  • Photo Challenge.  I would really like to take a picture a day, just for fun.  I follow a few different photo challenges (fmsphotoaday, geekphotoaday, iggppc30day & I just found rgrphotoaday).  I think as long as I post from one of them each day, I will feel like my goal is accomplished.
  • I need to lose weight.  I’m planning on doing a 30 day ab challenge (but I’m going to start on Monday).  Again, I will probably take the weekends off.  I’d like to try Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred again, too.
  • Happy Note a Day Challenge.  One thing I love about the internet & social networking is finding random people & connecting with them.  The Happsters found me, actually, as a part of this blog.  I’m so glad we connected, though.  Anyway, they are having a happy note a day challenge.  I really look forward to this, as I love leaving happy notes anyway!
  • Today during my browsing, I found this fun one.  Its a 61 day index card a day challenge.  Daisy Yellow gives out themes & prompts every week.  Should be interesting.

Index Card a Day

  • I’m also excited for the Find Your Voice workshop at the end of the month.  It seems like just the thing for me.

Find Your Voice

  • I’d also like to do more link-ups in general.  Its partly why I started a blog.  I’d see all these people doing cool things & I wanted a way to be a part of it all!  Stay posted!