Word of the Day Wednesday!


The word of the day at Toastmasters today was copious, meaning abundant in supply or quantity.  Synonyms are abundant, plentiful, profuse, ample, rich, & generous.  It was really great that this word was chosen today because I gave my third speech.  I talked about letters & happy mail for just over seven minutes.  It was a fun speech to give & a really easy topic to talk about.  I should have been able to use “copious” several times in my speech, but I got nervous & forgot.  Something to keep in mind for next time.  


2 thoughts on “Word of the Day Wednesday!

    1. I’ve been going to Toastmasters for a little more than a year, but I missed most of the meetings in the winter. Even with missing some meetings, I’ve done 3 formal speeches so far 🙂

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