Toastmasters Thursday!


Usually I write about my Toastmasters meeting right when I get home, but this week I’m a day late.  Also, I normally just talk about the word of the day but this week I’m going to talk about table topics, too.  So without any further delay:

  • The word of the day is ubiquitous, meaning existing or being everywhere at the same time, constantly.  This was not a new word to me, as I studied Latin in high school, but it was good to be reminded of it.

Yesterday’s meeting also marked my first time as Table Topics master.  Table topics is one of my favorite parts of Toastmasters meetings.  Participants give short 1-2 minute impromptu speeches on the topics given by the Table Topics master.

I had a great time coming up with topics for the meeting. We had a historic 3 ice breaker meeting, so I kept with the theme of firsts.  I asked, “what was a memorable first job you had (or talk about your first day at your current job).”   Our member gave a great, speech about working as a pianist at a Korean church & having trouble knowing which verse they were on because of the language barrier.  He ended up winning the table topic speech ribbon of the night.  I posed the next question to a veteran whose actual icebreaker I had missed.  I asked her to recall some of her icebreaker speech & to give it in a shorter version.  The last question I posed was not on the topic of firsts, but rather about “on this day in history.”  July 17 was the day the Romanovs were murdered.  I’ve always had a fascination about them.  It could just be because I watched Anastasia a few too many times growing up but I think its more than that (I’m also fascinated by her younger brother & all the precautions they had to take because of his hemophilia, by Rasputin, about Anastasia herself, and just all the glitz of being members of a royal family).  The question actually asked was, “Is there a historical era that particularly fascinates you & why.”

So dear readers, I encourage you to use the word ubiquitous more often & perhaps urge you to leave a comment answering the table topics of the day.


5 thoughts on “Toastmasters Thursday!

  1. Lovely post, it is always good fun thinking up table topics questions, and I love the personal stories and creativity that members use to come up with answers. It just so interesting.

  2. You’ve got a great site. I always wondered what a Toastmasters meeting was really like — thanks for detailing it. Sounds like fun!

    To respond to one of your questions…
    For me, a memorable first job was at a frozen yogurt store when I was in high school. It’s had a comeback recently, but frozen yogurt was all the rage then. People said it was healthy for you. At lunch, we’d get a line that stretched out the door. It was made up of women from the corporate center located a mile or so away. People really dressed back then, so imagine a chain of them in pant and dress suits lining up for a “healthy lunch.” I used to think how one day soon, I’d be glamorous, perfumed and all made up, like them, like my own mom. And, I’d laugh to myself because really they were like little kids when it came to ordering at the counter. And more interesting. Even those that started out with fresh berry toppings would give in to temptations like crushed cookies, candy bars, syrup, and more in the end. These women were all so nice that I didn’t have the heart to tell them I was at least partially responsible for wrecking the diets they talked about. That the owner had me pull out the larger cups just for them to prevent the toppings from overflowing. He was a nice guy, but he wasn’t doing them any favors because — did you guess? — They did what anyone would do and kept on filling. “Oh, there’s more room? Then I’ll just have a touch of this.” And on it went. It was great fun to watch probably because they were all together. It made for a different crowd than when families came in at other times of day. I didn’t see women act like this with their husbands or their kids around. But with the girls from the office? I guess it was all right.

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