Word of the Day Wednesday!


Wow, have I missed Toastmasters! I haven’t been able to make a meeting for several months due to my change in schedule. Luckily, I was able to go to the meeting today, since the college is still on break.  I heard 2 really great speeches & had a great time.

  •  The word of the day today was cogitate, meaning to think hard, ponder, meditate.  The word was bit new to me, but I recognized it from its Latin root.  I was able to work it into my remarks, which is always a triumph.

My role at the meeting was Table Topics master.  My duty was to lead a session of impromptu speaking by posing questions to the members.  I’ve always really enjoyed Table Topics, even though I don’t always like being put on the spot.  I think Table Topics has helped me a great deal, maybe even the most helpful segment of Toastmasters.  I don’t actually give many prepared speeches in my line of work, but I think Table Topics has prepared me well for speaking with other people & given me the ability to be more confident when doing so.  The meeting today happened to be the first meeting of the year, so I asked a somewhat predictable question of “Did you make any resolutions & what are they.”  Member Kristy answered, saying that she did not make resolutions, because she likes to live day to day but she does have some areas in her life she would like to do more with.  Next, I talked about recent attention our city has been getting because the Cake Boss came to our area,  as well as the show American Pickers.  My prompt to the speaker was, “Tell us about a celebrity encounter you experienced.”  Visitor Rhonda looked excited to speak, so I called upon her.  She told a story about a time she met a famous physicist who she was one of her idols.  My next prompt followed the same theme & asked, “What do you love about Binghamton or where would you rather live?”  Club President Elizabeth spoke about all the different & interesting birds she gets in her yard.

Overall, I had a really enjoyable Toastmasters meeting.  I learned about the word cogitate & hope to use in conversation in the future.



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