Running Checkin!

My major goal for this year is to get fit & healthy.  I’m doing that mostly from running.  I’m pretty pleased with how January went, overall.  It was definitely my jumping off point but I know I’ve got awhile to go.

Some highlights:

  • meeting & starting up with Team Confluence – I am loving representing my running store.  We had a really productive & fun first meeting & I’ve already gained a whole handful of new running friends.  Seeing what they’re doing on Facebook really helps motivate me & keep me going.  And they’re even better in person. Applying for the Team was definitely one of my best decisions last fall.
  • beginning the Bridge Run Training Program– Loving this program!  I definitely respond well to having a coach (well really who wouldn’t?).  I like that we have set work outs to do every day, as well as weekly meet ups.  It has really kept me accountable.  I didn’t run much last week & felt super guilty when Coach asked how my week went & I had to say “well I didn’t run much”
  • Races- working on my 14 in 14 goal, I have 2 races done.  I think that’s an excellent start!  Also, I’m pleased to report that I super improved from race to race.  Can’t wait till the next one (but I think that’s not till March)
  • Milege- According to my Run This Year monthly report, I ran 21.52 miles in January.  Not bad, considering I waited until the 12th to actually start running.  & I’ve already beat that this month (about 37.3)!  I’m still not sure if I will actually be able to run this year (1251 miles), but I sure am going to try.  For the record, my Runkeeper app says I’m 3% done. 
  • New Friends- I’m pretty excited that besides my Team Confluence friends, I’ve made several other new running friends. Yay!  I’ve also been participating in #runchat’s on twitter.  They take place at alternating times on Sunday nights.  I love getting to know other runners on twitter & following them helps me stay motivated!

So yes, I would say January was a good running month.  Here’s to February being even better!