March Run Down

Time for a look back for March!  Highlights (& low points) include:

  • March 8- Judging the Spontaneous portion of Odyssey of the Mind: I participated in OM growing up & have a lot of great memories from it.  Its really fun to be able to give back now & see what young kids can come up with.
  • March 9 – Mission for Maddie: A fitness fundraiser for a local girl.  I chose to go to abs & tabata classes.  Tabata was tons of squats, boy was I hurting the next day!
  • March 14 – car died: definitely a low point for the month.
  • March 17 – New car shopping: annoying that I had to do it, but it was nice to spend the day with my dad
  • March 18 – TCRC meeting: very interesting!  I’m really enjoying being more of a part of the local running community.  It really has been a help & motivator for me.
  • March 20 – Ladies Night at Confluence – I am really loving being a  part of Team Confluence.  Working Ladies Night was really fun, I liked playing greeter.  Also, it was great to see so many familiar faces.
  • March 21 – TCRC dinner:  Very fun to socialize with runners in regular clothes.e
  • March 22 – McKenna 5k: 3rd 5k of the year, wasn’t feeling super great that day (cold), but I managed to still get a PR.  (hopefully I’ll keep getting them). Also had a great time hanging out with the Team.   side note: Because I’m just starting back to running this year (& I kindof don’t even remember old PR’s since they’re so old) I’m just counting starting this year.
  • March 29 – Beginner Run: 2nd Beginner run of the year.  Very excited that these are going to be a planned monthly event, every 2nd Saturday.  Its been great to see new runners getting out there & to hear that we’ve been making a difference.
  • March 30 -Forks XV:  very proud to have finished this race!  This is a very old, very talked about race in our area.  I’m glad to have finally been a part of it.  Super Mega thankful to have found a running buddy who stayed with me the whole way.

Some numbers:

  • 4- races done in 2014 (10 more minimum to go, 2 halfs scheduled as well as various 5k’s & hopefully other distances too)
  • 30- miles run in March, bringing my total for the year to around 100 (need to get going if I really am going to run this year!)
  • 15- pounds lost
  • non scale victories: pants fitting better, knowing I look better to myself, getting comments & congratulations from other people
  • plus many more running friends made

Coming up:

  • April 6- Color Run: Super Excited for this!
  • a few other local 5k’s, not sure which I will run for sure yet
  • 4 weeks left till the Bridge Run- need to stick to my training better this month.  In March, I averaged 3 days a week, when it should have been more like 5.  Hopefully now that the weather’s better & time is running out, I will get the push I need to keep up better.