Happy 2015 (& goodbye 2014)!

Happy 2015!

We are 7 days in & I’m pretty excited about this year!

Last  year had a lot great moments & some rough ones.

Here’s some stats & facts:

  • 2: Fun Runs (the Color Run & a Mud Run)
  • 11: 5k’s (plus a cross country series of 6)
  • 2: 5 miler’s
  • 1: 10k
  • 1: 15K
  • 3: Half Marathons

437 miles total for the year!

Not bad at all!

Honestly, though, what I’m most proud of is not the numbers, but all the work that went into them & the results.  & not just fitness results (because goodness knows I’m still not where I want to be) but the life results.  2014 was really  a foundation year.  I ended the year with so many more great running friends.  Enough of that though, on to 2015!

Plans for 2015:

  • Run 750 miles total for the year (62 per month, 14 per week).  This is about 300 more miles than what I ended up with last year.  However, I feel that it is attainable.  I looked back at my numbers for last year & can definitely see patterns.  I feel like if I have little bit of a smaller goal for the week (14 miles) that I will definitely be able to make it.  It’s enough to be a challenge (considering all the weeks I had 0-3 miles only) but very attainable.
  • Run at least 1 but not necessarily 4 races a month.  Last year it seemed like I was doing a 5k a week towards the end.  It got to be a little tiring toward the end.  I still want to run but not necessarily race that much.
  • PR, especially in the half marathon.  I think that if I work at little harder I could see much better results.
  • Hot Yoga- I have a month unlimited membership for January which will give me a great start but I need to keep it going at least weekly throughout the year.
  • Volunteering & being active in the running community- I started with this year & I think it made all the difference.  I’m on 3 race committees this year & am really excited about them!  I’m enjoying meeting different people & also giving input about the races.  I also think it helps me with my career to know more people & know more about event planning.

I also want to focus on eating better more often (making better choices).  & I will try to update this more often!

Hope 2015 is good to you!