Mail Call Monday (End of May Catch Up)

May Mail

I’ve been really neglectful about my mail lately.  I’ve gotten really great stuff but I haven’t been sending anything out.  I plan to change that this week.  & I just noticed that I hadn’t even posted a Mailbox Monday segment all month!  So here’s close to everything I’ve gotten this month, I’ll update with what I send out soon.  & promise to be much better about posting in the future.

Here’s basically all the happy mail I got in May.  Captions are posted underneath the pictures.  I hope you enjoy seeing them!


So, I follow a lot of snail mail blogs now & I got this card in the mail after replying to something on tumblr.


This is from Russia via Postcrossing.  One of my favorite city scapes I’ve gotten.


These are the stamps that came on the card.  Pretty cool, I think.


I got this card from Kaelene in the IGGPPC, as part of a candy swap.  Very cute.


These cards are from Tara in my Postcircle.  #teamrobin for the win!


My friend Jessie sent me this metal postcard from Hawaii!  Metal!  How awesome is that??  & yes, she calls me Bridget Jones 🙂


These are stamps from the UK that were on mail from a swap-bot swap.


This is also from swap-bot.  Such cute cards came with it.


I got this card from the Postmuse.  It was unexpected mail, which is always welcome.  Apparently I had put my address in her Postable.


This is a funny card from Ann in Texas.  She & I have been pen palling since she wrote from sendsomething.

IMG_0739 IMG_0740 IMG_0741

The 3 above were from my first “unofficial” pen pal from the IGGPPC., Emily.  She always has really cute stickers.  My favorite is the “H is for Happy” sticker.


I’m a little jealous that England gets to have Jane Austen stamps.  This one came on the envelope of a card from Eunice.  I sent her a birthday card as part of lettermo.  (side note, she says that she has 55 letters to answer!  glad I don’t have that many, but I still feel really guilty about being so late on my replies!).


Danica from IGGPPC made me this.  I love it!

IMG_0746 IMG_0748

These 2 pictures are of the letter I got from Emma in my Postcircle.  I really love the quote that was on the back of the envelope.  One of my favorites.


These 2 pictures are of the letter that came from my first official IGGPPC pen pal, Veronica.   I really love how she wrote my name!


These are pictures of my latest letter from Tegan in Australia.  We’ve exchanged a few letters as part of lettermo.


My letter from Jo in my Postcircle.  Love the things that she added in.  That Postcircle fabric square is so awesome!


Lastly, but certainly not least, I have an awesome package from Dee-Ann with the IGGPPC.  Can’t wait to try out all the Aussie stuff!

I am so grateful & so in awe at the creativity & thoughtfulness of my snail mail friends!  Love it!


Mailbox Monday!

Here’s the happy mail I got last week:

Mail Received last week
Mail Received last week
  • A letter & postcard from Rosie in Australia (we’ve been exchanging since lettermo)
  • A reply from Jessica in Louisiana (another lettermo participant)
  • A beautiful cat postcard from Finland (via Postcrossing)
Cat postcard from Finland
Cat postcard from Finland
  • A Parisian landmark postcard (via Postcrossing)
Paris card from Postcrossing
Paris card from Postcrossing
lovenotes project
lovenotes project
from Ann
from Ann

& last but certainly not least, my IGGPPC street team postcards!

IGGPPC Street Team Goods!
IGGPPC Street Team Goods!

Yes, I have a very happy mailbox!

& of course I’m passing on the mailbox happiness!  So far I have going out:

  • Replies to Ann, Elizabeth, Jess, & Rift

To be done this week:

  • the rest of my replies
  • A Random Postcard Swap (via Swap-Bot)
  • a Pink Envelope Swap (via Swap-Bot)
  • a Hello Kitty sticker Swap (via Swap-Bot)
  • more Postcrossing (I can send 5, we will see how many I get out this week)
  • a project from the Postcrossing forum
  • promised letters to IGGPPC ladies: Kristy, Emy, Dee-Ann & Nancy
  • promised letters to some bloggy, tweety friends: PigeonPost & Anne at the LoveLetterBlog (by the way, I’m collaborating with these ladies to make a Stationery Week in the US (why should the UK get all the fun?)

That looks like a lot of mail, but I should be sending everything out by the end of this week!

Mail Call Monday!

Here’s the mail I got last week:

mail 4-22

  • A reply letter from Jess from the lettermo forum.  I had sent her a birthday card earlier this month.  She used really simple but really cute stationery that I adore. I’m excited to have a new friend
  • A letter from Elizabeth as part of a swap about the show, the Voice, through Swap-Bot.  She wrote a little blurb about all the contestants this year.  I really liked how detailed she was & I’m feeling very excited & inspired to write mine (which I will do tomorrow).
  • A postcard from the Netherlands from Postcrossing.  I loved the tulips on this one.  & I also really liked that it was it was from a 4 year old.  I like seeing that kids are doing these with their parents.
  • A postcard from Poland from Postcrossing.  Beautiful mountain scene.

Mail Going Out!

I tend to do my mail writing in spurts.  Its easier for me to devote an evening or a few hours just to writing.  It also works best with my schedule because I work such random days.

So going out tomorrow I have:

  • A first letter going out to my self assigned #IGGPPC pen pal for round 2.  Neither of us were able to get into the first 2 rounds but we met on twitter & decided to send letters to each other.  She already sent me a letter that I got yesterday.  It was one of my favorites I’ve gotten so far.  I liked that I could definitely see her personality in it.  I also liked the origami & the doodles.
  • A postcard that resulted from a direct swap request (she wanted a state map) on the Postcrossing forum.  Cristina had sent me a beautiful picture of fireworks & I’m sending her back one of the NY with drawings on it.
  • A response to a thank you card.  I know you don’t really need to send responses back to thank yous, but I really wanted to re-connect with Kimmie.  She had requested birthday cards for her niece via the lettermo forum (which I sent).  I really liked that she had requested for her niece & that she sent a thank you so I made sure to send a card back to her.
  • A postcard as part of the Goodreads Postcard Exchange group.  We have exchanges monthly there, each with a different theme.  The theme this month was quotes.  Since yesterday’s incident in Boston, this quote from Mr. Rogers’ mother has been all over Facebook. “Look for the helpers.  You will always find people who are helping.”  Good words
  • A reply to Ann from  We’ve gone back & forth a few times & she always sends me little extra goodies like cards or paperclips.  Its really sweet.  In the last letter, she was telling me about her daughter who has Aspbergers’ syndrome & is bipolar.  She takes her to a group but it is an hour and a half from their home.
  • A Postcross to Ulrich in Germany.  According to his bio, he is a vocational teacher who has never been out of Europe.  I sent him a New York state map card (I feel like there are only so many nice local cards out there, so I end up repeating(
  • Birthday cards: 4 to people in the Swap-Bot group, Cards, Cards, Cards! & 3 to lettermo forum people


12 pieces of mail total

6 within the US (IL, CA, TX, NY, & MI x2)

6 international (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, &  the Philippines)


Hi there! This is my first post & I’m pretty excited about it. I follow several other blogs & have been thinking lately that its time for me to have my own. So here it is:
I love getting & sending mail, so a lot of my posts will be about that.  I got really involved with mail this February after watching Hannah Brencher talk about how The World Needs More Love Letters. From there, I’ve just gone crazy. I joined Mary Robinette Kowal’s Month of Letters initiative & forums. I joined Swap-Bot. I participate in Post Crossing.  My newest community of friends is the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club (#IGGPPC). They are some of the best spirited girls around!

I’ve always been an avid reader (sometimes more than others). I’m currently in a few different Goodreads groups which have been helping me read a better variety of books.

I also love getting a good deal (who doesn’t?) so there might be some fun frugal tips sometimes.

I think that everyone needs a little extra kindness.  So I try to spread positivity as much as I can.

Lastly, I’m a “sometimes” runner. In 2009, I ran the Walt Disney marathon with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. It was an amazing experience. I don’t run as much but I should.

So, join me as I continue to try & find my happy pace!