Twitter Tuesday!

I really love Twitter.  I will admit that I was a little bit late to the party.  I’ve had an account for a little over a year now.  At first, I only joined to have a little bit more anonymity than Facebook allows.  Not to say that Facebook doesn’t allow anonymity, its just that it is filled with co-workers, employees, & family members.  & I’m not trying to hide things per se, I just wanted another outlet.  Anyway, I’ve slowly become more & more active on Twitter & now I really love it (I have 2 accounts!) .  

3 great things have come to me from Twitter in just the last 2 days. 

  • IGGPPC love – I feel like I keep bringing them up &, well I do. Its just that they’re just so great.  A lot of great unconditional love is shown between the girls on twitter
  • A new, great partnership.  All from an innocent, playful tweet.  I was wondering if the US has a National Stationery Week, like the UK does (which is happening this week).  I got 2 replies, saying “no, but let’s make it happen.”  I’m really exciting about this new project.  I’ve never really done something like this but I believe we can make it happen!
  • A Twitter Party with More Love Letters.  This is another group that I talk about all the time.  I just think they’re the best.  We had a big tweet-chat party tonight.  It was such a fun, positive & up-lifting 2 hours.  A huge group of people talking about spreading kindness.  How awesome is that?  They are calling this week “Love Letter Your Community” week (#LLYC) & partnered with KIND bars. Truly a great time. 

So there’s just 3 reasons why I love twitter.  I’ll still use Facebook, but its just a different sort of social media.