Running Checkin!

My major goal for this year is to get fit & healthy.  I’m doing that mostly from running.  I’m pretty pleased with how January went, overall.  It was definitely my jumping off point but I know I’ve got awhile to go.

Some highlights:

  • meeting & starting up with Team Confluence – I am loving representing my running store.  We had a really productive & fun first meeting & I’ve already gained a whole handful of new running friends.  Seeing what they’re doing on Facebook really helps motivate me & keep me going.  And they’re even better in person. Applying for the Team was definitely one of my best decisions last fall.
  • beginning the Bridge Run Training Program– Loving this program!  I definitely respond well to having a coach (well really who wouldn’t?).  I like that we have set work outs to do every day, as well as weekly meet ups.  It has really kept me accountable.  I didn’t run much last week & felt super guilty when Coach asked how my week went & I had to say “well I didn’t run much”
  • Races- working on my 14 in 14 goal, I have 2 races done.  I think that’s an excellent start!  Also, I’m pleased to report that I super improved from race to race.  Can’t wait till the next one (but I think that’s not till March)
  • Milege- According to my Run This Year monthly report, I ran 21.52 miles in January.  Not bad, considering I waited until the 12th to actually start running.  & I’ve already beat that this month (about 37.3)!  I’m still not sure if I will actually be able to run this year (1251 miles), but I sure am going to try.  For the record, my Runkeeper app says I’m 3% done. 
  • New Friends- I’m pretty excited that besides my Team Confluence friends, I’ve made several other new running friends. Yay!  I’ve also been participating in #runchat’s on twitter.  They take place at alternating times on Sunday nights.  I love getting to know other runners on twitter & following them helps me stay motivated!

So yes, I would say January was a good running month.  Here’s to February being even better!


Long Time No See!

Hi there!  I know, it’s been forever since I last posted.  I’ve had a very crazy few months work-wise.  Basically, I’ve just started a new full time position.  For the first time in years, I have an actual routine!  I’m hoping to be able to work on this blog more, as well as get back to the things that inspired me to begin with. 

Tuesday Thoughts

I’ve been in a little bit of a funk lately.  My work life has really calmed down (to the point to which I’m off a lot more than I’m working).  On one hand, its nice to not have a lot to do & be running everywhere, but on the other hand, I’d much rather be busy.  I am worried about becoming stagnant & depressed. 

So today I decided to take some action! 

I’ve been working on cleaning & organizing my living space, but its an ongoing battle.  I recently rearranged my Pinterest boards (& its kindof amazing how having organized boards make me feel like my life is a bit better organized).  I feel like I can actually use it effectively now & that will make life a lot better. 

I signed up for some volunteer opportunities.  I’m also kind of looking for another job (at least part time) but volunteering will get me more active.  I actually came across a great site to help find places to volunteer.  I signed up to volunteer at a local hospital & the local chapter of the Red Cross.  I’m also thinking about working with Meals on Wheels & the local free clinic.  I worry about over-commiting myself, but I think that working with so many varied organizations will be great for me in the long run.  Also these are the types of places I’d love to work at. 

Along with volunteering, I have some other goals that I’m trying to accomplish in the next few months (by the beginning of hockey season in October).  My long term goal at this time (depending on how the changes at my current job go) is to have a new, secure job by the end of 2014.

Here are my short term goals:

  • Spread happiness through acts of kindness
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Cleaning & organizing my living space (actually do some of the things from Pinterest, get the freezer stocked with freezer meals for the fall, keep up on things)
  • Scrapbooking
  • Continue to send & receive mail, & get more creative with the mail I send out


Thoughtful Tuesday

Today has been a weird day. My day started with my boss calling to make sure I would be in (of course I would!) & telling me that one of our employees had passed away.  Someone in his 30’s.  Its really crazy.  & its hard for me to deal with quite honestly.  Since October I’ve been to 3 funerals.  The one that’s hit me the hardest was my boss John.  He was a great mentor to me, looked out for me & overall gave me security in a somewhat insecure job.  Not only am I sad & upset about him but everything at my job is different.  & my job is not just a job to me.  It is definitely a family.  But so not the same anymore.  Plus my job is somewhat seasonal (hockey season) & I’m hourly so I really worry about money lately.    But I think I did have a stroke of serendipity (maybe that’s the right word; it seems like it should be).  I was at work & all worried about everything & then I came home to a milege check.  The check was actually really overdue (like 6 months!)  but it came at just the right time.  I felt a little bit better.  I spent sometime catching up on my Tivo’ed shows & once again Jeff Probst  helped me by showing me some positive & inspiring stories (I really wish his show didn’t get cancelled).  Then I got some upsetting news from a friend.  Its just these kinds of things that make me question the world.  I try to seek & share happiness wherever I can but I get a little disheartened sometimes.